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Episode 4: Words

A Storm in a tubecup erupts as we investigate the convoluted tale of Enmerkar's Stratagem - the YouTube war over the true meaning of a voicemail that skeptical commentator Enmerkar of Uruk left on the answerphone of journalist Lucy Kindersley-Presse. Plus some fascinating word origins brought to you in partnership with our best advertiser yet!

Episode 3: Jokes

This fortnight, we tell the story of Jason Ferring and a lifelong obsession that ends with a remarkable feat of superheroism. Is his life a joke - or something more profound? And what do jokes tell us about our lives, our relationships and how we live/navigate them?

Episode 2: Time

This fortnight on This Radio Life - a dispute from the edges of science turns into a Royal Society Rumble and we investigate the NSPCNPCs and their campaign for character rights in video games.

Episode 1: Food

If podcasts be the food of love - subscribe! This fortnight, This Radio Life delves deep into food and marriage. Meet Zacob Fusciardi - Chicago's most uncompromising chef and join us as we unearth the hidden legal underbelly of dramaturgies ancient and modern. This Radio Life is pure podcast, triple distilled. Word.



Imagine there's a box.

Where is the box?

In America? In Ohio maybe - do you live in Ohio? Doesn't matter - you live somewhere, everybody does, imagine somewhere like that.

The point is, there's a box.

There's a box - and it's making some kind of sound - you can hear it. What is that? It's a voice! A voice is coming from the box.

There is a box and it's talking.

You lean in closer. There's something familiar about the voice - familiar but uncanny. You know this. You know it. But something about it is different, wrong somehow. And then you realise - the box isn't a radio, nothing so old fashioned as all that - this voice, this voice fom the box?

It's a podcast.

I'm Stove Toressani, and from TVQ and the DC Institute for Urban Change - I swear you're gonna be listening to a podcast called This Radio Life.

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